About us


Our knowledgeable spice-maker Ronnie Ström has blended spices since the 70s and has more or less ‘spice-oil’ in his blood. He is always keen on the fact that the spices’ quality and taste should always be of the best and finest there is to buy in the world.


Nordic Spice is a family business with a well-forged spice team and was founded in 2004. We have a long and substantial experience of spice blends and marinades. Our niche is spices and marinades for the shop-kitchen where we are market leaders. We also sell to restaurant and catering (Food service) and to the food processing industry.


Export sales to foremost the Nordic countries we have long experience of. We also export to other countries in Europe. Furthermore, we make custom-unique blends, dry or liquid, after the clients’ desire. The spices we sell are produced in our own factory Quality Spices which lies outside Murcia in sunny Spain. A top-modern laboratory in the factory guarantees that the safety and control of products are in focus every step of the process.


We work with HACCP in the factory and have implemented FSSC 22000, which means that the internal and external revision/examination is always number one in our quality work.


Nordic Spice is a member of ESA(European spice association) as well as The Swedish spice association.


Outside Murcia in Spain lies our spice factory Quality Spices S.L. Murcia is the capital in the province with the same name. The city has approximately 300 000 inhabitants. There is the university and a rich cultural range. The city’s position – seven miles southwest of Alicante and five miles from the Mediterranean Sea and Mar Menor – makes the climate pleasant all year round.


Murcia lies by the river Segura. In the middle of a fertile agricultural area. Murcia is an important trade ‘city’ for agricultural products (citrus fruits and vegetables). The factory was built 2004 and is adjusted/tailored for our production. We have among other things placed a special floor ‘fit for human consumption’ in our production locale so that cleaning will be quick and efficient. The floor is produced in Sweden. In our production locales we can crush and grind the spices we need for our blends.


We make both dry and wet blends in our factory.
Examples of dry blends are different types of Barbecue spices.
Examples of wet blends are marinades and sauces. These wet blends we can make both cold and warm. They get heated up during the blending to then cool down before packaging. We also have an automatic ‘packline’ for our dry products. To control raw materials and ready blends we have a top modern laboratory for our disposal. There we can make all types of controls such as micro-biological controls, color analyses, control how hot a chili product is and so on.


Today we work with FSSC22000 in the factory. In other words we are well prepared when it comes to the production of spices and flavours, dry and wet, for the future. Would you like to know more about the factory? Press here.


Quality Spices S.L


We at Nordic Spice have IP Livsmedelsföradling certificate. We constantly work to make sure that we have the best and most secure quality on our products. Our products are made in a factory where we ourselves own 50 % and where we work with FSSC22000.


Since we are part of the whole process from buying of raw materials to selling of products we can ensure that the quality and safety always is the best.


Important Information


The ingredient label on the packaging is always the latest up to date.
Important! Always check the label on the Products. The text on the label of the product is what applies.