About us


The founder of Nordic Spice, Ronnie Ström has over 50 years of experience working with the highest quality spices from around the world. Nordic Spice has always worked according to the motto that our customers should feel secure in what they get – with Nordic Spice you always get spices and barbecue sauces made with both heart and mind. By listening to our customers and being service-oriented at the tips of our fingers, we make sure to fulfill your requirements and wishes. At Nordic Spice we care about our heritage, as a family business we stand strong together and the convivial feeling makes us better as a group. Towards our customers and employees, we are the serious company where professionalism and service come first. In 2017, we as a company made a journey where the introduction of a company board, management team and clearer structures meant that we could take the next step in development. Today, we are the spice company that works with large volumes to market-leading food suppliers and retailers all over Sweden.


In recent years, we have also seen a market for our spices with private customers. There were more people who wanted to be able to make the honey-glazed chicken at home on the grill, instead of just buying it at the store. That’s why we now also have a webshop for our products, and anyone who happens to pass our factory in Eskilstuna is welcome to come to the store to pick and choose from our wide selection. Since we are involved in the entire process from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of the product, we can ensure that the quality and safety are always the best.


In 2020, we at Nordic Spice made a decision to move production from Spain to Sweden. In our newly built factory in Eskilstuna, which was inaugurated in January 2023, we now manufacture both dry spice mixes, marinades and barbecue sauces. The Swedish establishment was a logical step in our development.


Previously, we had both warehouses, offices and product development in Eskilstuna, and with the factory in the same location, we become a unified unit that benefits both our customers and employees. It is both a security for us and for our customers, and it benefits our development ability when the product developers can easily go to the colleagues on the factory floor and vice versa.