Foodservice & Restaurant

We deliver spices, herbs, marinades, glaze, bouillion to foodservices and restaurants.

Nordic Spice is a complete/full selection-supplier within flavouring. Nordic Spice has one of the market’s widest selection and supply of spices and spice blends for the client-segment Foodservice, where many blends are unique.


Nordic Spice also has a large and wide selection (more than 35 types) of marinades and barbecue sauces/glazes. What is new is that we also offer marinades and barbecue sauces in smaller packages, a practical 2-litre can that is more suitable for restaurant kitchens (Foodservice).


In our selection there are also high-quality liquid meat extract (glace) and stocks from Essential Cuisine. Most of the spices, dry herbs and spice blends from Nordic Spice can also be bought in large packages such as for example 11,7 litre bucket and sack if so wishes.


Today Nordic Spice has collaborations with many large wholesalers and we love to help you get going via your wholesaler. Contact one of our salesmen in Foodservice.


See our product selection in the Spice Guide!
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