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We sell our products outside of Sweden for example in the Nordic countries, Baltic countries, Germany and Ireland.


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Nordic Spice has long experience of supporting industry-customers within manufacture of food.


Nordic Spice can customize all our packages after wishes to fit your production. We can also offer aluminum bags in different sizes and all products we have today can be bought as a 25 kg sack and 25 litre can.


Nordic Spice also makes (customized) blends after your wishes. Then these volume and quantity demands (minimum quantity) apply:


  • Dry blends a minimum of 100 kg
  • Liquid (marinades/barbecue sauces) a minimum of 250 L




Nordic Spice works during the autumn of 2015 towards being able to present and offer parts of our premium selection for sale as a retail package. Nordic Spice will select our greatest sales and classics as well as some news.


Then you as consumers will have the opportunity to be able to buy our spice, marinades and barbecue sauces that are of the highest quality – restaurant quality. In a bottle (250 ml) for the liquid and in our new spice bags for the dry spices and spice blends.

Contact information

Anna Ström Harryson
Sales manager


Phone: +46 16-10 86 42

Pia Hammarberg


Phone: +46 16-10 86 43