Nordic Spice AB – Wholesale and manufacturer
of spices, herbs, marinades, glaze and bouillions.


This customer division/segment turns to you within In-store kitchens, Charcuterie, Delicatessen (counter) and Fish counter. Nordic Spice has more than 40 years’ experience in-house of sales to in-store kitchens and delicatessen and is today our largest market. Today Nordic Spice has over 1000 clients who continuously buy from us within the division/segment Shop and the market is processed by our three shop salesmen.


Nordic Spice has a large and wide selection (more than 35 kinds) of marinades and barbecue sauces/glaze. What is new is that we also offer marinades and barbecue sauces in smaller packages, a practical 2-litre can that is more suitable for restaurant kitchens (Foodservice). In our selection there are also high quality liquid meat extract (glace) and stocks from Essential Cuisine.


Nordic Spice has a wide selection, for instance a spice blend is a mix of different spices and herbs. For example, Barbecue spice consists of different types of spices and herbs and salt. Blends of different spices can be made in all eternity and exist in a sea of selections, every country have their own specialties.